Our weekend in Chicago and learning about SEO

When we decided to visit Chicago for a weekend, the last thing we thought was that we would have lunch with someone who could literally transform our website and business. I had heard about SEO before, but never knew as much as I wanted. I decided to take the opportunity to interview him and ask him tons of questions about how SEO works, how it can benefit a small business, and some tips and tricks we could use too.

Here’s what I learned:

Why should small businesses be interested in investing valuable resources on SEO (search engine optimization)?

First of all, a website that has been well-structured with SEO in mind is a website that is going to provide a unique and engaging user experience that will attract even more visitors. Another important reason is that quality SEO makes your website more relevant to the big search engines that will decide how high up on the results page your site will be.

How does this all work?

Simply put, the search engines are responsible for providing users with relevant results to their search queries. The more relevant the results, the higher up on the search list the site will be. If you are not investing in a quality SEO for your site and product, who do you think will be on the first page of search results? Your competitors who are investing in SEO.

A quality SEO will keep your site active and attractive 24/7. Their job is to be working on driving new visitors and building your customer base. Following are a few other advantages that SEO can provide for your online marketing endeavors.

Top 3 Reasons for Investing in SEO

  1. User-Friendly Experience To Increase The Number Of Returning Visitors – The first and foremost feature of quality SEO is that it provides visitors with the most engaging, attractive, and convenient experience possible. The principles of the online world are wrapped around how to provide the best service to users. Search engines hope to provide their users with the best possible response to their queries. If the users who visit your site like what they see enough to come back and see it again , this is a good sign for the search engines who are looking to rate the relevance of your site.
  2. Largest Broadcast Range For Your Products Or Services – The modern world places a huge amount of faith in the results they are provided from their search results. If Google produces “Dave’s Pie Shop” from the search query “best pies in Gardenia County, Indiana,” then so be it. Soon donut aficionados will begin Tweeting and posting on Facebook about their experiences at Dave’s Pie Shop. The multiplication can work pretty fast, and soon every pie lover in the surrounding counties will be showing up eager for Dave’s Pies that are “relevantly” the best. How did this happen? The search engine saw a perfect match between the website and the search query “best pies in Gardenia County, Indiana”.
  3. High Quality Traffic – The best thing that good SEOs can provide you with is traffic comprised of people who are already looking for what you are offering. Someone who enters the query “Chicago SEO” does not need to be sold on the value of search engine optimization. They are actively looking for the best company in Chicago to provide that service for them. Doing this effectively will result in an instant conversion from casual visitor to paying customer.

Of course, the other half of the job is making sure your website was the most attractive option on the list. In addition to everything else we listed, this is where SEO becomes an art form of it’s own. I had a wonderful time during this interview with a Chicago company. If you have any other questions, please let me know and I’ll see if I can have them answered for you.

What happens when a small-town girl visits the big city?

Well, I never was a fan of big cities. That is, until I visited Chicago. Once I visited Chicago, I loved almost everything about the city! The people, the food, the entertainment, the diversity, the architecture, the activities – you name it, I was in love.

I’m going to be writing more about Chicago and some of the wonderful sights and friends I’ve met there, I just wanted to get a short post on my site in the meantime while I’m getting everything setup.